After months of work, we’re excited to announce a new milestone – bottled 京A beer, fresh off the line!

We’ve filled them with one of 京A’s original recipes, the Worker’s Pale Ale. This beer is a direct descendant of the beer that started everything… “Hoppy New Year”, homebrewed by Alex and Kris to celebrate Chinese New Year on a cold January morning in 2012. As 京A grew from the kitchen stovetop to a full-fledged brewery, this recipe has evolved and improved over the years. We’ve stayed true to its boldly hoppy origins, and in this batch the beer has struck a whole new level of balance. We think it’s our best-tasting Worker’s Pale Ale to date and can’t wait to share it with you!

Worker’s Pale Ale
ABV: 5% | 40 IBU
A full-flavored American Pale Ale for the Beijing working man. Pronounced notes of grapefruit and pine resin with moderate hop bitterness supported by a backbone of pale and specialty malts.

Expect to see these popping up around Beijing next weekend, but to get your hands on some bottles even sooner, come to 京A Taproom next Thursday for our Pallet Cleansing Party. We’ll be celebrating their launch by offering anyone the chance to pick up a case of 24 bottles from our first pallet for a one-time-only price of RMB 188.

(to-go only, one case per person, 50 cases available total) 

Going forward, if you’ve got a rooftop bbq, birthday party, or other event, you can always pick up a case of Worker’s Pale Ale, cold and ready-to-go, at our Taproom for RMB 480 / 24 bottles.

We’re also teaming up with our neighbor Home Plate BBQ for another bottle launch party! On Saturday, August 5th, we’ll be offering an all-night special on the “Worker’s Pail of Ale”, an ice bucket filled with five bottles for RMB 125!

Even better, from 6 to 9PM we’ll be holding a bottle cap lucky draw: Each bottle you buy will have a number on its cap – keep it and if we call your number you can win 京A T-shirts, buckets of beer, a pass to the 8×8 Brewing Project beer festival, and more prizes!

If you need even more convincing, we’re offering the beer promotion of the century: offer us proof that you’ve quit or been fired from a job in the past week and we’ll give you a bottle of Worker’s Pale Ale on the house.

If you’re a bar or restaurant interested in carrying bottles of 京A, shoot an email to and we’ll get you sorted!