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We’re launching our latest beer this Friday, and it’s one that’s been 6 months in the making!

Black Tentacle is a beer we brewed with Barnaby Struve of Stigbergets Bryggeri (Gothenburg, Sweden) back in November 2017. We’d met Barnaby earlier that year at Brewskival, a Swedish craft beer festival, and soon afterwards he decided he’d visit us in Beijing to drink all the beers during 8×8 Brewing Project! In the aftermath of that weekend, we decided tobrew up this monster of a beer.

Black Tentacle’s label art was hand-drawn by Barnaby – pint in hand – at our Brewpub. A lifelong metalhead, Barnaby combined his passion for heavy music and big beers working for over a decade at Indiana’s three Floyds Brewing before his move to Stigbergets, and he’s also the co-founder of Puppy Mill Recordings, a Portland-based record label that’s signed bands like Hatebeak, the world’s only death metal band with a parrot vocalist.

In an effort to tame this beast of a beer (it clocks in at 11% abv) we’ve given it months to rest on bourbon-soaked oak before packaging it into a mix of kegs and 750ml bottles. A limited number of bottles will be available this Friday for RMB 118. If you’re looking to try “just the tip” of the tentacle, we’ll also be offering it on tap as a 250ml pour for RMB 40.

Black Tentacle
11% ABV  |  50 IBU

The wall couldn’t keep out this monster! We brewed this menacing imperial stout in collaboration with Barnaby Struve, a brooding brewer from Gothenberg’s Stigbergets Bryggeri. It fills the glass an ink-black liquid with a rich brown head. Pull it in for a sip and it’ll smack your in the face with a heavy hand of chocolate, bourbon, and oak with a blend of earthy hops.