laobaixing square

Just in time for Spring, we’ve adding a trio of lighter beers to our taps. The first is a new brew, a California Common called Laobaixing (referring to the “common people”). In addition we’ve brought back two beers from last year: the Ber Bang Bitter and Suan Ge Pi (dry-hopped sour). Find all three at 京A Taproom tonight!

4.5% | 30 IBU
A beer for the masses that originated during the Gold Rush of the late 1800’s. The California Common was brewed in shallow open vessels to control fermentation temperatures in the era before refrigeration. Enjoy our modern take on this amber, full-bodied beer with herbal and earthy hop bitterness and a toasty, malt-forward palate.

Suan Ge Pi
5.6% | 20 IBU
A pale unblended sour ale fermented with Belgian yeast and dry-hopped with Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Opens with a bouquet of floral, fruity, and hoppy notes, and ends with with a puckering tart, sparkling finish.

Ber Bang Bitter
4% | 20 IBU
A sessionable English Bitter with biscuit malt notes and mild hopping. 
As our ge’mers say, this beer’s not just good, it’s ber bang!