Tour De Jing 2017 Poster

Grab your bike, skateboard, or rickshaw and join us for a craft beer crawl on wheels between 8 of the best hutong bars in Beijing!

Each stop will have a different style of Jing-A beer on tap for just RMB 30, and will cook up a special snack to pair with your pint.
Collect a stamp at each stop when you buy a beer, and if you have all 8 at the end you’ll win a free T-shirt!

We’ll kick things off at Hatchery (come early for a special brunch deal) and end at 4Corners for the official afterparty.

The full schedule of stops is:
1PM: Hatchery
Beer: Mandarin Wheat
Bites: 10RMB off all Brunch Items, Free Bacon biscuits and hash-browns

2PM: DDC (Dusk Dawn Club)
Beer: One Beer Two Systems
Bites: Sichuan Sausages – 20RMB

3PM: Gulu Bazz (Hutong Clan CDA)
Beer: Hutong Clan CDA
Bites: Baozza! – 10 RMB

4PM: White Tiger Village
Beer: Duck Rye’der IPA
Bites: Chicken Skewers – 20 RMB

5PM: North Capital Pub
Beer: Koji Red Ale
Bites: Seasoned Fries with Dip – 20 RMB

6PM: Natooke
Beer: Flying Fist IPA
Bites: Rager Pie’s Pecan/Pumpkin/Chocolate pie – 20RMB

7PM: The Tiki Bungalow/Peiping Machine
Beer: Tiki – Pineapple Cake Pale Ale/ Peiping Machine – Suan Ge Pi
Bites: Pai Cha (Lao Beijing Fried Dough) – 20 RMB

8PM: 4corners
Beer: Workers’ Pale Ale
Bites: Deep fried Cheese Curds – 20RMB