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At 京A, we have our roots in Summer pop-ups and gypsy brewing, so it’s fitting that we take our wacky nomadic lifestyle to the next level — introducing the Keg Egg!

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Over the next few months (or longer, until we get busted..), we’re going to be using our mobile Keg Egg to bring 京A beer direct to the streets of Beijing. We’ve outfitted the Keg Egg with two chilled taps for a rotating selection of 京A brews, including our Worker’s Pale Ale, Mandarin Summer Wheat, Flying Fist IPA, and Smoke on the Beech — perfect for outdoor drinking at our favorite Beijing locations!

So keep an eye out for impromptu Keg Egg spottings (basicly, whenever it’s a blue sky day and we’re thirsty) .. and also scheduled Keg Egg events.

In fact, to kick things off, we’re hosting our first “Follow the Egg” event on Saturday, August 17th. See our poster below! Over the course of the afternoon, the Keg Egg will visit four of our favorite locations, stopping for time to tailgate and hang out at each along the way. 京A brews will be available for 30 RMB/cup, or two for 50 RMB along the way, with 1/2 price beers for those die-hard followers who go the whole way with us at the final stop! Follow the Keg Egg by bike, roller skates, scooters, or on foot. Guaranteed to be a fun day out!

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Here are the full details for those that are up to the challenge:

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Checkpoint #1 – Tavalin Bagels

First up, we’ll meet at Tavalin Bagels at 12 noon. Nothing starts the day better than a special 京A beer/Tavalin sausage egg bagel sandwich combo for 50 RMB!

At 1:30pm, we’ll make our way to a secret spot on the Liangmahe canal (at the bend of Liangmahe Nanlu, overlooking the canal). A perfect spot to relax with a brew and enjoy the day! Follow along, or find us there if you’re a late riser.

At about 3:00pm, we’ll head to Serk (Beixingqiao San Tiao, #40-2) for some day drinking in the hutongs.

And at 4:00-ish we’ll move on to our final stop at 4 Corners for a special Keg Egg outdoor BBQ, with a special Vietnamese chuar and other fare whipped up by Chef Jun. Again, 1/2 price 京A at the last stop for anyone that drinks with us at the previous three stops!

See you on the 17th!

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Checkpoint #2 – Liangmahe canal


Checkpoint #3 – Serk


Checkpoint #4 – 4 Corners