We’re excited to be reopening our Taproom doors tonight! And you should be excited, too because over the past week we’ve been in the brewery finishing work on two new seasonal beers! One, the Lucky 8 Lager, is the return of an old seasonal favorite, while the other, Pomelo Xanadu, is a new experiment that’s part of our “Xanadu” series of sour ales. Both of these new brews make use of Pomelo as an ingredient. Every holiday season in Beijing people we see people exchanging these giant citrus fruits as symbolic gifts (try to name a fruit that’s bigger, besides stinkin’ durians). This year we’ve taken care of the hard work for you, peeling and juicing dozens of pomelos that we’ve infused into these new beers. Let’s start the new lunar year with a pint full of prosperity and good luck!

For 京A Mug Club members, we’re offering a free glass of Lucky 8 Lager this weekend as a “welcome back” gift. Stop by anytime between tonight and closing on Sunday to get your mug filled!
Lucky 8 Lager
6.5% | 50 IBU
An auspiciously hoppy India Pale Lager we brew each winter to celebrate Chinese New Year.  This beer hits with a big citrus kick from an addition of fresh pomelo, the fruit of abundance.  American and New World hops lend bitterness and floral, citrus, and tropical fruit notes that shine through in the crisp lager finish.

Pomelo Xanadu

5.5% | 15 IBU
The latest in our “Xanadu” series of Berliner Weisse-style beers. This pale straw ale has been soured with the use of lactobacillus and infused with loads of painstakingly pressed pomelo juice for big tart citrus notes, a sparkling mouthfeel and low hop bitterness.