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The past twelve months have been a pretty crazy ride for the two of us. Starting off with our inaugural Hoppy New Year IPA, we’ve spent the past year cooking up new recipes, holding pop-ups throughout the Jing and gypsy brewing at both the Saddle Cantina and Sequoia.

Before we open the doors to our first brewery within the Big Smoke, we thought it would be fun to recap the past year with a bunch of photos taken from family, friends and 京A fans. Enjoy…

Like many aspiring microbrewers, we started from very humble beginnings… brewing one small batch at a time in Alex’s kitchen.

Humble beginnings

Pretty quickly, we started playing with our recipes, searching for the best local and imported ingredients, and refining our skills and passion for the fine art of brewing. We were hooked! And the results were some pretty tasty hand crafted ales — from our lightly smoked Toasted Chestnut Brown Ale, to our Mandarin Summer Wheat, Hoppy Shifu Rye IPA, and others.

photo 2

After we started popping up and bringing craft beer to the masses we moved to Sequoia’s larger working space at Jianguomen. We spent many a late night and long weekend slaving away in this kitchen. All for the love of good beer.


Sequoia Cafe was also home to the first of many 京A pop-ups over the year.. from our Obentos beer tasting to the most recent Hutong Pies and Ales event.


Somewhere along the way, we began offering our craft beers on tap at 4Corners near Houhai. It remains a great place to get a brew!


And at about the same time, we were invited to brew on the Saddle Cantina system, and had a chance to try our hand on a somewhat larger commercial brew system.


We’ve always tried to be creative and whimsical with our brewing, and that’s led to some memorable beers, including the limited-edition Ale to the Chief, our own reproduction of the White House Honey Ale, for the 2012 US Presidential election, and our Frostbite Winter IPA, just in time for the super long Beijing Winter.

Winter IPA Tend card copy

And behind the scenes, there’s been a lot of work going into our next step .. the opening of our 京A brewery within the Big Smoke Bistro! Come check us out starting in late May 2013.

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