AIBA 2019

Out of over 2,500 entries from 700 breweries, our beers picked up 8 medals at this year’s Australian International Beer Awards! It was our first time entering, and Chinese breweries as a group did a great job this year, so congratulations to all our comrades who are helping build a good reputation for Chinese craft beer!

Here’s the list of our winning beers and their categories:
🥈Cherry Yě – Lambic
🥈What About Mi? – Other Specialty Beer
🥈Tuhao Gold Pils – American Style Pilsner
🥈Mandarin Wheat – Belgian Wit
🥈Black Cat Lager – German Style Schwarzbier
🥈Enlightenment – Other Specialty Beer
🥉Skógarferð – Other European Style Ale
🥉Worker’s Pale Ale – International-Style Pale Ale

While several of those beer were small-batch brews that have already sold out at our Brewpub, the Tuhao Gold Pils, Mandarin Wheat, and Worker’s Pale Ale are brewed year-round and available in many cities across the country. You can also order them delivered anywhere in China through our WeChat store. Scan the QR code below: