brewing_soon_photo 2That’s right, we are thrilled to announce that we will be moving into the Big Smoke this April to build our first 京A brewery. After gypsy brewing for the past year out of our apartments, Sequoia Cafe and the Saddle Cantina we will finally have our very own space that we can call “home.” This project has been in progress for several months and we have spent countless sleepless nights and weekends putting the pieces together. Working with Kris and Nina (owners of the Big Smoke) has been a real collaborative effort and we think that the combination of top notch food paired with fresh ales is going to be a winner!

So let’s get into the details.

For all the beer geeks out there, let’s first start by talking about the brewing equipment. Like every small business, we started out with very ambitious plans and wanted to come out of the gate swinging with a 10 HL (1000 liters) set-up. We quickly realized that with the current size of the space (and budget), we had to bring down our expectations and settle for a smaller, more manageable system. Therefore, we will be installing a brew house with max capacity of 300 liters combined with a total of seven fermentation vessels. We’ve added some additional bells and whistles, such as a top of the line water filtration system from our friends at Acquasana, to ensure that we can make the best possible beer. And the upside is that with our little system, we can be that much more nimble and creative when it comes to dreaming up new, super-fresh and flavorful brews. For more information on the brewery set-up we will be posting a weekly blog with pictures. Just enough to satisfy the beer geek in everyone.

Oh, and our plan is to move as quickly as humanly possible with our installation, so we can get back to doing what we love most – brewing great beer! We hope to have a selection of our craft beers on tap by the end of May, so stay tuned for details…

big smoke outside pic
Now on to the beer, our favorite topic.

As beer enthusiasts, we love nothing more than making, drinking and talking about beer. Over the past year we have worked on several “core recipes” based on a mix of the best local and imported ingredients we could find. The current plan is to focus on brewing a portfolio of “core” beers that you can enjoy all day, every day at the Big Smoke. During the first couple of months of operation, we will be serving our Worker’s Pale Ale, our Harmonious IPA and our Mandarin Summer Wheat (click here for complete descriptions). We also plan to brew a selection of limited release batches based on seasonal styles and local ingredients. In fact, we are in the midst of cooking up a killer seasonal recipe as we speak, securing some unique ingredients from Xinjiang. However, we will need to wait until June before we release the news on this seasonal brew. On that note, make sure to join our mailing list for updates on new beers, events and promotions!

Finally, we also want to announce a slight change to our branding.

Over the past year, we have used 京A as our primary brand. We love this brand as it represents a slice of “Lao Beijing” that seems to resonate well with both the Chinese and foreign community. But we realized that part of growing up is getting an actual company name.  So, we are pleased to announce that Capital Brewing Co. will be our English company name moving forward.  We will keep on using 京A in all our branding and this will serve as our official Chinese name. Therefore, if you are used to saying “I’ll have another 京A please…”, that still works (BTW – thanks for saying that).

Thanks to all the support from our fans over the past year. It’s been an adventure with some incredible highs and dramatic lows.

Stay tuned for more!

Kris & Alex