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When we brewed the first batch of Jing-A back in 2012, we had a couple 20 liter buckets, a handful of ingredients and a dream to brew the best possible beer in China.

It’s been an incredible journey since then, and we’re proud of the small part we’ve played in helping to kick off the craft beer movement here. We had no idea that over the next six years we’d be able to open two award-winning bars, travel to share our favorite creations at beer festivals, and bring home over a dozen medals from international beer competitions in Asia and Europe. We’re overwhelmed by the friendships we’ve built with brewers and other creative folks in the industry, the amazing energy and passion of our own small team, and the feedback we’ve received from beer lovers in Beijing, across China, and around the world.

Jing-A started with, and has always been driven by a deep love for good beer – it’s been a thrill for us to devote ourselves, our energy and our creativity to it. However, there’s a saying in this business that if you want to be a brewer, don’t start a brewery – and that definitely has some truth to it. Over the past year, we’ve found ourselves increasingly pulled out of the brewery and into the back office. As a result we’ve been exploring funding options that would support Jing-A’s future development, while at the same time allow us to bring focus back to what we love most – brewing craft beer in China. Today we’re excited to announce that to that end, we’ve received investment from Carlsberg as a minority partner to fuel Jing-A’s next chapter.

In addition to a deep relationship with China, Carlsberg also has a storied commitment to the art and science of brewing, innovating in their research lab since 1876. That translates into a respect for what we’re doing, and great technical resources that will be at our disposal.
With this new partnership, we continue to retain full control of Jing-A while receiving support where we most want it – state of the art brewing/lab facilities and a solid distribution network. We’ll be able to take the quality of our beers to the next level – including popular seasonal and small-batch beers from our brewpub – and make them more widely available to beer lovers in Beijing and throughout China. It will be the same people doing it, driven by the same passion and creativity – now with more support for quality, innovation, and distribution.

We’re very excited for this next step in our journey, and look forward to sharing more beer with you along the way!

-Alex & Kris