Alex and James

Sky Temple is a new Jing-A collaboration with Black Project Spontaneous and Wild Ales, a brewery in Denver, Colorado which specializes in… you guessed it – wild beers. This beer first sprang to life in Black Project’s coolship – a wide, flat, and open-topped vessel used for cooling freshly brewed beer wort. This allowed local microbes in the crisp Colorado air to enter the beer, resulting in a sour and funky fermentation.

After choosing the right combination of spontaneous ales from their barrels, we refermented the blend with an addition of dried hawthorn berries from China. The resulting beer bears the Méthode Traditionnelle mark – representing beers that have been produced out side of Beligum in accordance with traditional lambic methods.

It pours a hazy gold with a pinkish blush and is powerfully tart and fruity, while still showing the depth of flavor and complexity that can only come from spontaneous fermentation. This beer was initially released at Denver’s Collaborationfest 2018, and we’re very lucky to have a small number of bottles available here in China.

This Friday at 6PM 京A Mug Club members can get join us in our Brewpub for a free taste of Sky Temple, along with pours of two other Black Project beers and some other surprises from 京A.
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