8x8 2017 crowd

Mark your calendars for the 8×8 Brewing Project, returning to Beijing on October 26-27!

8×8 is an annual international beer festival organized by Jing-A. Each year eight breweries from around greater China are invited and paired up with eight craft breweries from a specific region in the world. Together, they work to create a series of 8 new collaboration beers, and then pour them alongside many of their own favorite brews at the 8×8 festival in Beijing!

2017 was the inaugural year of 8×8, and if you came, you’ll remember we invited over eight awesome breweries from the Pacific Northwest of the US to partner up some of our favorite comrades in the Chinese craft beer industry.

For 2018, we’ve shuffled a new selection of breweries into the mix from around greater China, and we’ve chosen a new region of the world that’s quite famous for its exciting and vibrant craft beer scene… The eight breweries visiting from overseas this year will hail from Nordic countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Estonia!

Here’s the full list…

From Greater China:

  • Jing-A
  • Shangri-La
  • Taiwan Head Brewers
  • Trip Smith
  • Wild West Brewery
  • Wuhan No. 18 Brewing
  • Xi’an Brewery
  • Young Master

From Nordic countries:

  • Brewski (Sweden)
  • Nøgne Ø (Norway)
  • Põhjala Brewery (Estonia)
  • Kex Brewing (Iceland)
  • Amager Bryghus (Denmark)
  • Stigbergets Bryggeri (Sweden)
  • Dugges Bryggeri (Sweden)
  • To Øl (Denmark)

The 8×8 Brewing Project 2018 will have 4 three-hour sessions of free-flow beer tasting. One on the evening of Friday, Oct. 26th, and the remaining three on Saturday, Oct. 27th.

The 8 collaboration beers made specifically for 8×8 will pour at all sessions, so there’s no risk you’ll miss out on those.

Every brewery will have an additional 2 taps to pour their own beers, and these will change each session, for a total of 8 collaboration brews and 32 rotating beers available at each session. That means there’ll be 136 unique beers poured throughout the course of the festival!

There’ll also be food vendors to help you keep up with all that beer, a live DJ, and more fun diversions!

Keep an eye out for our continuing updates about 8×8, including information about each participating brewery and the reveal of how the 16 breweries have been paired up!

Tickets will go on sale Sept. 5th, and those of you who plan ahead can look forward to a generous early-bird discount.

What: The 8×8 Brewing Project 2018
When: Friday & Saturday, Oct. 26-27
Where: Yushe – Langyuan Vintage Building 16 (between Guomao and Dawanglu)